The North Carolina Shellfish Growers Association (NCSGA) was founded in 1995 to represent the interests of the many people involved in the shellfish industry. As such it has a rather broad base of members including shellfish farmers, hatchery operators, seafood dealers, educators, researchers, government regulators, and service providers.

It prides itself as an independent group controlled and operated by the people in the industry. The NCSGA strives to provide insight into the many issues that affect the industry including shellfish sanitation and safety, the use of public waters, and the economic and environmental value of a shellfish industry. It serves as a forum for members to compare methods and materials, discuss important issues, and pursue a united agenda that encourages the growth of a prosperous shellfish industry.

Each year the association helps to design and plan the shellfish workshops at the NC Aquaculture Development Conference. In addition is supports and promotes other workshops and conferences organized by agencies and institutions such as NC Sea Grant and the NC Extension Service Seafood Laboratory.

The annual meeting is held immediately after the shellfish workshops at the Aquaculture Development Conference, and both members and non-members are invited to attend. The president and board of directors hold quarterly meetings to discuss issues and plan events.

Annual membership dues are $50.

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